Understanding Your Rights

Steps To Take When Fighting A Drug Charge

If the police pulled over you over, finding drugs or paraphernalia inside the vehicle, you will want to take the necessary steps in fighting any charges you received in trying to avoid jail time. Drug convictions are taken seriously, making it very important you do your best to make a favorable impression throughout the court process. Here are some steps to take when fighting drug charges.

Get The Right Representation

When hiring an attorney, make sure they have dealt with drug charge cases in the past. An attorney seasoned in drug law specifically will most likely give you a better outcome than hiring a general attorney for this type of case. Your attorney will be able to use past drug cases as examples to find flaws in your arrest leading to the chance of a reduced charge.

Receive The Needed Help

Enroll yourself into a drug rehabilitation program or drug and alcohol courses to start the path in remaining drug-free. If you make a true effort to stop using drugs, you may be able to get a lessened charge when it becomes time to go to court. Make sure to gather documentation from teachers, mentors, or counselors to show you are completely drug-free and that you are responding favorably to treatment.

Work On Your Defense

There are many reasons why a court would drop a drug charge. Your attorney will go over each scenario with you to find one that matches the reasoning for your drug possession. You can claim the drugs had belonged to someone else if this is indeed true. If the drugs were seized before you were read your rights, or if you did not give permission for your vehicle to be searched without a search warrant, the charges may be dropped. 

If you were pulled over for no apparent reason and you think you were set up with an entrapment case, your attorney will help prove the police were out of line. If drugs were planted in your vehicle by someone else to frame you, this may be proven in court so you will no longer need to carry out a sentence. 

Remain An Upstanding Citizen

In the interim between your arrest and court date, stay away from all unfavorable people associated with drugs. You may be able to let the court know who your dealer was in an exchange for a lesser sentencing. Stay involved in community activities and away from places that are known to be socially undesirable. If you can prove you are no longer involved with the purchasing of drugs, the judge may be more lenient in your sentencing.

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