Understanding Your Rights

Two Things A DUI Attorney Can Do For You

When you have been charged with drunk driving, you may be very nervous about what will happen to you. Depending on your background and the state you live in, you might even have your driving license suspended or spend time in prison. That's why it's important to retain a DUI lawyer for your day in court. Here are two things that your lawyer will do to help you.

Challenge the Vehicle Stop

You might think that the only thing that your attorney can do in court is to defend your character, but the first thing your lawyer is likely to ask about is the motor vehicle stop that led to your DUI arrest. Your attorney will want to know if there is anything questionable about why you were stopped in the first place; if there is, your DUI charges may be dismissed because the motor vehicle stop was without merit. For example, if you were driving within legal speed limits and were not operating the car erratically, there might not have been a reason to stop you at all. Without a legal reason to pull you over, your case might be thrown out.  

If the motor vehicle stop was legal and the police officer had a good reasons to pull you over, even if your DUI case is dismissed for another reason, you are likely to have to pay related fines.

Challenge the Results of the DUI Machine

Just like any machine, the machine that is used to measure the amount of alcohol in your breath or blood can be broken. Your DUI lawyer will make sure that the machines used to determine whether you were over the legal limit were in good working condition on the day they were used. They may even question the abilities of the person who gave you the test.

Your attorney might also request that your blood sample be sent to another testing facility to ensure that the results are correct. If the new facility happens to find that your blood alcohol levels were not over the limit, your case could be dismissed.

Having a DUI attorney on your side when you appear in court might make an important difference in the outcome of your case. Consult a few lawyers in the area and hire a suitable attorney who has been through this process before and can help you make it through this experience. To find out more, speak with a business like Law Offices of Daniel Aaronson.