Understanding Your Rights

What To Expect From Your Criminal Lawyer

When you are facing penalties from a harsh crime and possibly facing large fines or even a lengthy stay in jail or prison, you can feel terrified about what is going to happen to your future. A lawyer can assist you in getting a lesser degree of punishment, especially if you choose an attorney who specializes in criminal law. A criminal lawyer is someone who defends people and companies accused of serious and minor crimes where jail or prison time are very real possibilities, and having the right expert to guide you in your case can make a huge difference in its outcome and your own peace of mind. Here are things you can expect from your criminal lawyer.

Plea bargaining tactics

A plea bargain is a deal that you make with the prosecuting attorney to agree to a charge in exchange for lessening your sentencing or agreeing to a certain amount of probation or jail time. A good criminal lawyer will be able to negotiate drastic reductions in your charges or be able to eliminate the possibility of jail altogether. Keep in mind that in order to have a good outcome on a plea bargain, you have to be willing to accept certain charges rather than expect to walk away with no repercussions at all, and your attorney will discuss your options with you before they are brought to the attention of the prosecutor.

In addition to working with the prosecutor for a plea bargain, your criminal lawyer can also help in creating a sentencing plan that can better benefit you while satisfying the judge. For example, if you are facing a certain amount of jail time for domestic abuse, your lawyer can suggest a domestic violence treatment program instead of jail time.

Explanation of the case process

When you are facing multiple court dates and paperwork, you can get confused quickly. You may be startled when a police officer comes to your door with a summons to court, or you may not know your rights regarding what you have or should do in court. A criminal lawyer takes you by the hand and represents you so you don't accidentally say or do anything (or fail to do something) that can get you in further trouble. 

If you are facing repercussions for a serious crime, you don't want to handle the situation on your own. You can expect your criminal lawyer to stand up for you and get you the best possible outcome for your legal situation. For more information, visit a site like http://www.darksidelawyers.com.