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Three Defenses A Drug Offense Lawyer May Use To Help You Fight Drug Manufacturing Charges

If you have been charged with drug manufacturing charges, it means that the state feels that you have been producing or making an illegal or controlled substance. Drug manufacturing charges are serious and typically carry jail time if you are convicted. The amount of jail time varies by state. Due to the severity of this crime, you may be thinking about hiring a drug offense lawyer to help you fight these charges. Here are three defenses that a drug offense lawyer may use to help you fight drug manufacturing charges. 

An Illegal Search and Seizure Took Place

One of the defenses that can be raised if you are facing drug manufacturing charges is that an illegal search and seizure took place. This may mean that the police entered your premise illegally or without the proper warrant. If this happens, anything that is found during the search may be inadmissible in court. If the evidence is inadmissible, the state typically dismisses the charges. A lawyer will look at why the police searched the premise and whether it was legal to determine if this may be a defense used for your case. 

Show You Had a Legitimate Reason to Possess Ingredients

Another defense that can be used to help you fight drug manufacturing charges is that you had a legitimate reason to possess the ingredients that you did. Some people have high quantities of chemicals that are used to manufacture drugs for legitimate reasons. If you fall into this category, a lawyer may be able to convince a judge or a jury that you were not manufacturing drugs, but instead, using the chemicals for the legitimate reason that an attorney presents. 

Arguing You Had No Idea Manufacturing Was Taking Place

The last defense that a drug offense lawyer may be able to raise when you are facing drug manufacturing charges is that you had no idea manufacturing was taking place. Sometimes you legitimately are in the wrong place at the wrong time. You may be at a family members or friends house when a bust goes down, or you may have no idea that your roommate is manufacturing drugs in their room. A great lawyer can work to show that you weren't participating in the manufacturing process and had no idea it was taking place. 

Fighting drug manufacturing charges can be challenging. However, a great drug offense lawyer, like Angela L Walker PC, can look at the circumstances surrounding your case and come up with a defense that may help you fight the manufacturing charges you are facing.