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3 Reasons To Hire An Attorney In A Child Sex Abuse Case

Sexual crimes committed against children are among the most egregious. Unfortunately, these crimes can continue to haunt a victim even after they have been reported to the police.

Families of child sex abuse victims may not think they need to hire an attorney to represent them.

It's true that a prosecutor will handle criminal charges, but the help of an attorney can be invaluable throughout the investigative and court processes.

1. Access to an Advocate

One of the most challenging aspects of dealing with a child sex abuse case is not knowing what to expect from the investigation. Families can be kept in the dark throughout the investigation, leaving them wondering if and when criminal charges will be filed.

An attorney can help you and your family gain a greater sense of control over a child sex abuse case by offering information and details on the progression of the case.

This type of advocacy allows families to feel more involved in seeking justice for a sex abuse act perpetrated against one of their own.

2. Protection Against Ongoing Trauma

Victims of child sex abuse are often forced to relive the crime several times throughout the course of an investigation.

Statements will be needed by investigative agencies and prosecutors working on the case. These statements can be traumatic to give over and over again, so having an attorney to help you through this process can be beneficial.

An attorney can conduct a deposition. This deposition is an official proceeding that records pertinent statements that can be submitted to the court.

By certifying that a deposition has been conducted, your attorney can prevent your family from having to give multiple statements that might create even more trauma.

3. Pursue a Civil Case

The criminal consequences of a child sex abuse case are often given the most attention, but victims have the right to pursue damages through a civil lawsuit as well. It can be frustrating for the victims of child sex abuse and their families to watch a criminal case fall apart.

Many sexual abuse cases are based on circumstantial evidence that might not hold up in court. Civil lawsuits can bring a lot of closure to victims and their families. An attorney can gather evidence supporting the fact that a child sex abuse act caused emotional, physical, and financial harm to your family.

You may be entitled to monetary compensation through a civil lawsuit.

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