3 Reasons To Hire An Attorney In A Child Sex Abuse Case

Sexual crimes committed against children are among the most egregious. Unfortunately, these crimes can continue to haunt a victim even after they have been reported to the police. Families of child sex abuse victims may not think they need to hire an attorney to represent them. It's true that a prosecutor will handle criminal charges, but the help of an attorney can be invaluable throughout the investigative and court processes.

Can You Get A Speeding Ticket When There Was No Posted Speed Limit?

If you got a speeding ticket when there was no posted speed limit, you may think it was unfair. You could be right, but the ticket might still be valid under the law. Here are some scenarios to consider. Missing Speed Limit Sign There may be a road where the police know the usual speed limit but the speed limit sign was missing because of weather damage or vandalism. You could also pull onto a road from another road where there may not be a speed limit sign from the point where you turned on to the point where you were pulled over.

4 Things You Should Never Do After A DUI Arrest

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a common criminal charge. However, navigating the criminal system after a DUI arrest isn't easy. This situation is stressful for most people from the minute they are pulled over to their court date. If you've been arrested for DUI, don't make these mistakes and damage your chances of getting the best possible outcome. Accept the Penalties Without a Fight Don't just assume you are guilty and accept your DUI penalties outright.

Should You Claim Mutual Combat in an Assault Case?

If you were involved in a fight, you might be surprised if the other combatant decides to later press charges. In some cases, you might be right to object because some states have mutual combat laws on the books. When two individuals get into a fight that they both agree to, the defendant can use mutual combat as a defense. Don't Place Your Freedom at Risk No matter what the circumstances, if your freedom is in jeopardy because of a criminal charge, you must contact a violent crime defense attorney.

Defending Prescription DWI Charges

An intoxicating prescription drug can lead to DWI charges. Below are some of the defense strategies you can use if you are facing such charges. Prove Right Dosage If you want to claim that you had taken a prescribed drug, you will need to prove that you had taken the right dosage of the drug. This is because some drugs have mild side effects when taken as prescribed but produce serious side effects when overdosed.

How A DUI Attorney Examines A Case

According to the U.S government's Bureau of Transportation Statistics, more than 1.4 million DUI arrests are conducted in a year. While the government has an honest interest in preventing alcohol-related highway accidents, drivers also have the right to know that they won't be needlessly subjected to traffic stops without good cause. If you have questions about how to protect your rights following a traffic stop, you should look at your case the way a DUI lawyer would.

Real Estate Law Is About More Than Contracts

The very idea of real property is one of the foundations of legal systems throughout the world. For this reason, real estate law covers a lot of territory in people's lives. Even if you've never owned a house in your life, you've been subject to the rules of real estate law. Let's take a look at some of the challenges a real estate law services firm, like Johnson Motinger Greenwood Law Firm, may be able to help you sort out.

Minors And Gun Possession Charges: Four Possible Outcomes

Gun possession laws do not discriminate when it comes to what's legal and what's not. For this reason, if a juvenile is illegally in possession of a weapon, they can face harsh consequences. If your child was arrested on a possession charge, it's a good idea for you to understand exactly what it is your family is up against. Dismissal In rare cases, the judge may decide to dismiss the charge.

Three Defenses A Drug Offense Lawyer May Use To Help You Fight Drug Manufacturing Charges

If you have been charged with drug manufacturing charges, it means that the state feels that you have been producing or making an illegal or controlled substance. Drug manufacturing charges are serious and typically carry jail time if you are convicted. The amount of jail time varies by state. Due to the severity of this crime, you may be thinking about hiring a drug offense lawyer to help you fight these charges.

What To Expect From Your Criminal Lawyer

When you are facing penalties from a harsh crime and possibly facing large fines or even a lengthy stay in jail or prison, you can feel terrified about what is going to happen to your future. A lawyer can assist you in getting a lesser degree of punishment, especially if you choose an attorney who specializes in criminal law. A criminal lawyer is someone who defends people and companies accused of serious and minor crimes where jail or prison time are very real possibilities, and having the right expert to guide you in your case can make a huge difference in its outcome and your own peace of mind.